Targeting all antigen presenting cells via MHCII

Our approach engages all types of professional antigen presenting cells: macrophage, dendritic cells, B cells and other APCs, via our unique VHHs that target MHCII. This broad targeting activates the complex tolerance networks, yielding synergistic tolerogenic signals to a comprehensive set of effector cells (CD4 T, CD8 T, and B cells).

 Targeting of the MHCII pathway: all types of professional APCs are engaged. We thus avoid the pitfalls of targeting only a subset of APCs.

Versatile and Broad Applications for Tolerance Induction

Cerberus’ antigen specific immune tolerance technology can be extended to multiple fields of interests.

Cerberus’ solution to unmet needs in autoimmunity

Unmet needs

It is estimated that 1 in 10 of the global population suffers from autoimmune diseases. Current therapies focus on blocking inflammation through suppressing immune responses with significant limitations and side effects, including risk of infection, repeated administration and complications for immucompromised patients.

Our Solution

Cerberus’ novel VHH adduct instructs the immune system to engage its own complex network and rewire itself, potentially presenting a cure to autoimmune diseases. This is accomplished through a single dose of administration for minimal toxicity.